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Help Center

It's a knowledge base and customer portal for Daleelii world—all in one.

Before Launching An Ad

Manage" My Profile"

As indicated by the name "My Profile", this is a private management area that is yours only. 

In this area you can follow up the transactions you make over Daleelii and make any transaction or update your information. It's integrated control panel where you can also follow your ads, stores, friends, points, credit, purchases, messages, notifications, your powered and promoted ads.
      My Profile  is divided into 8 subsections starting with:
My Ads, My Stores, Messages, Notifications, Social, Financial, Promote and Power
  • My Ads:

This subsection includes all your posted ads in all categories since you were a new member in Daleelii. Ads listed here are not the ads of your stores, they are individual ads separated from stores. Your ads are divided into types likewise; Waiting for Approval, Approved, Waiting Edit Approval, Rejected, Expired, Blocked and Drafts Ads.

  • My Stores:

This subsection includes all your published stores in all categories since you were a new member here. Your created stores, filled with the ads you put in, are divided into types such as; Waiting for Approval, Approved, Waiting Edit Approval, Rejected, Expired, Blocked and Drafts Ads.

  • Messages:
This corner includes your sent, received and unread messages, as you can send a new message by.
  • Notifications:

Notifications are updates about activities of other users whom you may concern about in Daleelii.


  • Social:

This is your social corner our dear user,where you can know about your loved ads, liked stores, subscribes, following and followers.

     -Followers are the users who follow your activities.
     -Following is the process of following another user.
     -Love is the process of loving an ad.
     -Like is the process of liking a store.
     -Subscribe: to subscribe a category.
  • Financial:
Here your financial subsection where you know more details about your cash and points.
  • Promote:

This is like a database of your promoted ads, stores, external links and apps provided with the packages you have chosen to promote.


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