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Help Center

It's a knowledge base and customer portal for Daleelii world—all in one.

Before Launching An Ad

Switch to Stores:

Switch to Stores:

Stores you have launched since your registration to Daleelii are browsed here from latest to oldest. You have the choice to enter to any of them by one click.

Create A Store:

Trade is no longer restricted to companies. Start your Own business in your own store NOW!
Let's know how to open a store first?
  • Click the icon of store at the top of the page> Click "Create A Store"
  • Select the right category in which your store belongs to> You are now at StoreOpen page> fill out the required information for opening a store.
  • After clicking "Next Step"> you will be moved to Preview page so you can see how your store will be reviewed to people filled with the information and ads you put> you should choose your store's picture and its cover picture too.
  • Choose your store features to shift to the next step
  • Check Out> Fill out the information needed to pay for your store> Confirm and Publish.

Hot Features Stores:

You are interested to follow the latest hot-features stores at Daleelii World, aren't you?
From the dropdown list of main "Switch to Stores" item at top page, you can give just one click on "Hot Features Stores" to be introduced to all updated powered stores or " Hot-Features Stores".

Stores Types:

Trial Store, Basic Store, Professional Store, Mega Store

Stores Subdomains:

  • Daleelii provides free domains services for all your stores.
  • Your stores URL link is
  • This domain grants you your audience trust and empowers your deal with them.
  • Daleelii  allows to buy distinctive domains. 


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