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Resellers and Agents:

Resellers and Agents:

 Online commercial Agents and Resellers constitute a very effective marketing channel for exporters. Imagine having your own man in overseas markets who, with their understanding of local language, culture and market trend can promote your products to right customer segments. An effective market representative can multiply your sales several times at a very reasonable cost.

The common forms of representation are:
Commercial Agent:
They are generally individuals or small firms who do not purchase or maintain an inventory of your products. Their most obvious benefits are knowledge of local language and close proximity to existing and potential customers. They usually solicit orders from potential customers on behalf of the exporter (also called principal) and their compensation is a commission from the net export ex factory price or agreed fee. Orders are placed on behalf of the buyer, the agent usually does not get involved in shipping/delivery.
Also called dealer, wholesaler or stockist, is a larger firm than commercial agent. They have the product knowledge, qualified personnel, local sales network, physical facilities and financial resources to perform all of your export marketing functions. They are equipped to advertise, promote, order, purchase, transport, stock, deliver, finance and repair you products. Distributors differ from agents in their ability to maintain a continuous inventory of products and spare parts for prompt delivery and reliable customer service. Distributors are compensated in the form of discount from gross export ex factory price and may enjoy other facilities like credit, promotion support etc.

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