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Help Center

It's a knowledge base and customer portal for Daleelii world—all in one.

FAQ Questions

How to write ad title?

 One of the most important parts of an ad. It gets easier to find an ad when the title is correct and clear. Buyers use keywords of the most significant properties of the item they are searching for.

For Example: "Mobile Phone" search will list the ads with the title including this text on the top of the list. It is useless to write your firm name on the title. You can promote your firm on Store Homepage Featured Ads or Store Category Featured Ads.
How important to add a photo?
Visual effect is always important, no matter which item is being sold.
The first think that attracts the buyer in the ad details are photos. Therefore, high quality photos of the actual item instead of stock photos, with different angles and are important to fetch the buyer. Sales may increase if you give attention to photos.
Should I select attributes?

 Choosing right values when posting an ad will lead "Advanced Search" users to find your ad. Incorrect entries will mislead buyers. In these situations, users reports the ad. It is important to choose right values to prevent reports.

How to write ad description?

 You can enter more information on "Description" area which cannot be selected from attributes.

Don't forget! Visual perception is very important!
Instead of using same font and size, you should highlight important points via text formatting tool.
Where to find my summery page?

 After signing in, if you go to My Profile .On Summary, you can find brief information of: 

Profile Settings, My Ads, My Stores, Messages, Social, Notifications, Financial.
How to get your posted ads and stores activated?

 Hello dear User! As long as your posted ads and stores agree with the  Privacy Policy and Terms of Use of Daleelii World, You sure will get your posts activated by the website administration.  You can Contact Us for more details and inquiries.

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How to add an admin for my store ?

Having more than one admin for a store is a leading feature for Daleelii stores.  If you have your own store in Daleelii and you want to appoint another user as an admin for your store to manage and supervise it, do the following: 

1.You should ask the new admin for liking your store at first "Make Like for the Store".
2.Switch to your store: at the top page you see stores icon, click on it then click on your store.
3. Go to Settings: where you can find it at the left side under your store's cover picture.
4.Choose Manage Admins.
5.Add the user you want to appoint as another admin for your store> Click Add.
How to delete an admin from my store ?

If you aren't interested anymore to let someone administrate your store regardless what your own reasons are, you only have to switch to your store, choose setting and directly to Manage Admins. You'll see the admins' names you have appointed for this store, choose the meant admin and click on recycle bin. Finally you will receive confirmation message, you only need to click OK.

How to post new ad in a store ?

As we know, Store is the place where you launch your specialized ads to people.  If you think to add a new ad in your store, you only have to switch to your store,  Click "Post New Ad" and complete the traditional process of posting an ad in Daleelii.

Do you want to change Daleelii language ?

 Daleelii is designed and written primarily with the two basic languages in the world; Arabic and English. If you want to change the language used right now in Daleelii, you only should go down the page you are at now. You see the footer, don't you? Click on languages section and choose your preferred language>Confirm.

How to change my password ?

For more security in Daleelii, you can change your password from time to time. It's too easy, you just need to go to " My Profile"  through the drop down list of your account's name at the top of the current page.  Then Go to "Setting", select the second choice "Password" and finally you enter your old and new password and then save changes. Enjoy your security here!

Why do I invite my friends to Daleelii ?

You know your friend is interested in electronic machines, or enjoys finding new restaurants to try their special meal, or maybe he looks for an apartment for rent to live in. The solution is easy, you can invite him for Daleelii where he finds what he is looking for. When inviting your friends to Daleelii, you'll be granted more free points to post free ads; 200 points for every friend you invite.

How to get Daleelii categories ?

The expanding Daleelii categories ,in which Daleelii world is based on, are listed in a drop down list from the top right Daleelii homepage.  You only have to point at the top icon which takes the shape of stairs and you'll be exposed to categories and subcategories of Daleelii.

When will my store be expired ?

Once you set up your store, and after you select its type. If your store is trial then it will be expired after one month, you can upgrade it to be active after the first month ,

If your store type is basic, professional or mega ,you have to choose the package of period for your store ,when this period is over then you have to choose new period or you can upgrade your store .,if you dont then your store will be expired
Can I sign up to Daleelii using my Facebook or Twi

Yes, you can! The process is too easy! Once you decide to join Daleelii community using your Facebook account for example! Just go to SignUp page, click on "Connect with Facebook " highlighted with blue color. Daleelii will transfer you to another page as it has previously taken your Facebook account's information, just fill out the needed information in this page and finally click Sing Up. Now, Enjoy your new free account!

How to invite my friends ?

 If you are logged in with your Facebook or Twitter account, you just need to follow these a few steps:  

1.Go to homepage> select "Invite Friends" from the left corner.
2.Choose the friends you want to invite by clicking Invite beside your friend's name.
3.You'll be moved to another page titled "Send a message".
4.Choose the friends or groups you want, write to them a message inviting them to Daleelii> Click Send.
How to promote an external link ?

your own blog or any other link you are interested in to reach more and more people and to Increase the number of visits to your website.. Daleelii helps you to achieve your goal. 

Go as following and you will promote your external link in Daleelii world:
1.Go to the top left of Daleelii Pages.
2. Click "Promote Now".
3.Choose the objective of your campaign "Promote External Link".
4.Enter your external link> continue.
5. Fill out the information needed for promotion including audience definition and promotion package > Fill your payment bill and choose your payment method through the listed methods> Congratulation.

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